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All information is from the collaborative research of the Arledge Family History Project's research team; files and database maintained by Pam Wilson . Many thanks to ALL who have generously contributed!

IMPORTANT: If you cannot find your family members on this site, please contact me and I'll search my database. I have many names that are not included on this site. All pages are always in need of updating! If you have data to contribute to this page, please contact me. Thanks!

    THE EARLY GENERATIONS: A report on the possible ancestors of immigrant CLEMENT ALDRIDGE, from the shire of Norfolk, England. See photos of ancestral churches and surrounding English villages in Norwich and Worstead. [Please note: this Norfolk, England ancestry is not yet proved to my satisfaction, though it has been published in a number of earlier works. Please accept it only as a possibility awaiting further documentation.]

    CLEMENT ALDRIDGE(1601-c.1668) and his wife Susan Boswell migrated from Norfolk, England to Northumberland County, Virginia in the late 1600's. At least four of his sons --George, Thomas, William and Clement -- are believed to have come to America as well. The descendants of George (1639-1677) and his wife Ann, who settled in Talbot County, MD, became ELDRIDGE. Thomas and William may also have settled in the tidewater area of Virginia or Maryland. It seems to have only been the children of the junior Clement (below), whose name became ARLEDGE....


        Click here for a report of what is known of the earliest generations of ARLEDGE (aka ALDRIDGE) in America -- Clement and Susan's children and their offspring, including son:

        • Clement ALDRIDGE/ARLEDGE (1636-1699, who married Elizabeth Tilles),
        • their sons William ARLEDGE/ALDRIDGE (1678-1725;
          William's four sons John, William, Clement and Isaac ARLEDGE/ALDRIDGE.

        All of the Arledges on this web site (below) are believed to be descended from one of these four sons of William Arledge.

    THE RANDOLPH COUNTY, NC BRANCHES: This fourth-generation CLEMENT ARLEDGE, son of William and Alice Fallin ARLEDGE of Northumberland County, VA, migrated into central North Carolina, and his presumed children (HENRY and ISAAC ARLEDGE, perhaps others) settled in Randolph County, NC.

    Isaac's known children migrated west to Ohio, Tennessee and Iowa. Click here for a report on the Descendants of ISAAC ARLEDGE (c.1736-c.1818) and Susannah Sullivan.

    Although most of the descendants of Isaac's and Susannah's sons ISAAC and WILLIAM settled and established a strong presence in Hocking, Highland, Pickaway and Ross Counties of Ohio, some (notably the family of William G. ARLEDGE, 1815-1894) ventured west onto the frontier, settling in Illinois, Nebraska, and in Oklahoma's Indian Territory (where some of them were members of the Cherokee Tribe). Children of Isaac and Susannah's son JESSE settled in Iowa and in east/middle Tennessee, from which place many went on to Texas.

    THE SOUTH CAROLINA BRANCHES: From Northumberland County, VA, William ARLEDGE's three other sons -- JOHN, WILLIAM and ISAAC ARLEDGE -- appear to have settled along the Wateree River in old Camden County, SC in the mid-1700s. Most of their descendants ended up in that area that would later become Fairfield or Kershaw Counties of SC, while another important group branched off and settled in Edgefield County, SC.

    The jigsaw puzzle of trying to reconstruct this family and its relationships is an effort that is still in progress. These families populated the South during the next century, with some branches spreading south and west into GA, AL, MS, LA and into TX, while others reached up into several areas of NC and some even ventured northwest into TN, AR, KY, IN, IL and beyond to the Pacific frontier.

    PLEASE NOTE: My system in trying to reconstruct relationships, often based upon minimal documentation, is to use an asterisk (*) within a name to indicate when I do not have adequate proof to claim a link of parentage, but when I have strong suspicions that there is indeed a link (based upon circumstantial evidence). You are advised and encouraged to try to find the documentation to help cement these speculative relationships.

        (sons of William Arledge of Northumberland Co, VA)

        I. JOHN ARLEDGE [c.1706-c. 1765] and presumed wife Elizabeth (nee Thomas, later married Matthias Fellows).

        NOTE: This branch is greatly lacking in much documentation, and many of my tentative conclusions are speculative, awaiting further evidence.

        At this time, I believe that the children of this couple were probably

        (A) LYDIA (m. William Millar of Fairfield Co, SC);

        (B) ISAAC ARLEDGE (m. Sally McCormick, moved from Fairfield Co, SC to Rutherford Co, NC, where he died between 5 November 1819 and October 1820); since his foster daughter Harriet married his cousin Jonathan Arledge (son of Amos, below) and they propogated all the Polk County, NC Arledges, he was known as "Uncle Isaac" and is an important ancestral figure to this branch of the family.

        (C) MOSES ARLEDGE (m. Susannah, d. Fairfield Co, SC, bef. 30 June 1791), with no known children;

        (D) WILLIAM ARLEDGE (m. Mary, lived on Dutchman's Creek in Fairfield and then on Granny Quarter Creek in Kershaw Co, SC, died after 29 April 1819); his descendants came out of Fairfield and Kershaw Counties and migrated throughout the south (Marion Co, TN, Etowah Co, AL, probably Chilton CO, AL, etc.); and

        (E) JOHN ARLEDGE (m. Anna/Nancy, lived in Edgefield Co, SC). His many descendants populated many counties of AL, MS, LA and TX. This has become one of the largest and most populous branches of the Arledge family, with significant presence in Wilcox Co, AL, Neshoba CO, MS, Winn Parish, LA, Burnet and Milam Counties of TX, etc.

        II. WILLIAM ALDRIDGE/ARLEDGE [c. 1704-1784] may have spent time in Bertie and Granville Counties of NC with brother Clement, then apparently came south and bought land in Fairfield County in the 1760s. If he had a wife or children, they are not known. He died in Fairfield Co, SC on 2 September 1784. His nephews were administrators of his estate, according to his estate papers.

        III. ISAAC ARLEDGE [1721-1790] and wife Anna/Hannah are the ancestors of most of the Fairfield Co, SC Arledges and their descendants who spread into Stanly Co, NC, Polk Co, NC, Limestone Co, AL, Fannin Co, TX, Houston Co, TX and many other places (KY, IL, NE, IA, WA, WY... the great northwest territories).

        Click here for an overview of what is known of the children of this prolific Fairfield Co, SC, patriarch -- CALEB, CLEMENT, AMOS, JOSEPH, SARAH, HULDAH, ISAAC, RACHEL, ANNE and WILLIAM -- and their offspring. Also, see below....

        Some Descendants of ISAAC ARLEDGE of Fairfield, SC:

        • CALEB ARLEDGE's offspring populated Anson and Montgomery Counties of NC (descendants of his son CALEB ALDRIDGE, JR. still do), and descendants of Caleb Sr's son JONATHAN spread up through Tennessee and Kentucky and into the northern part of the Pacific West.

        • CLEMENT ARLEDGE's offspring: one branch (Clement) moved to Franklin Co, TN, while other branches (Cyrus and Isaac) migrated to Limestone Co, AL and from there many went west to settle in Fannin and Houston Counties of Texas. Others may have stayed in SC and AL.

        • AMOS ARLEDGE and his son JONATHAN ARLEDGE settled in the mountainous coves of Rutherford (now Polk) County, North Carolina, in the early 1800s. There they made their home, in the rugged and sheltered Green River Cove. The offspring of Jonathan ARLEDGE and his wife Harriet (herself the foster child of Amos' cousin ISAAC and Sally McCormick ARLEDGE) have populated Polk County, NC for many generations.

      OTHER ARLEDGE FAMILIES (who have not yet been "connected" to the main trunk of the Arledge family tree): important branches in South Carolina; Texas; Georgia; Alabama, and beyond!

      I also have many, many other ARLEDGEs in my database who are not connected. PLEASE DON'T MISS this list of "Other Arledges Needing Homes"!

      IMPORTANT: If after using the search engine you cannot find your family members on this site, please contact me and I'll search my database. I have many names that are not included on this site.

        If you have data to contribute to this page, please contact me. Thanks!

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