Views of ST. MARY'S CHURCH and surrounding village of WORSTEAD, in the county of Norfolk, England

Photographs taken by Pam Wilson in August, 1997

Worstead, once a thriving textile village renowned for its "worsted wool," was the parish for which the Rev. HENRY ALDRED was the vicar in the 16th century. Parish records provide evidence that this was the home village of emigrant CLEMENT ALDRIDGE (b. 1601), son of JOHN ALDRIDGE and probable grandson of the Vicar Aldred. Clement Aldridge came to Northumberland County, Virginia, in the mid-1600s with his wife SUSAN BOSWELL. His children and grandchildren often used the name ARLEDGE, and so many of their American offspring use this spelling today.

The church of St. Mary the Virgin in Worstead is today a very large and impressive church for such a small village, attesting to the larger population that the parish once served. It has a large cemetary, though unfortunately it is fenced off. Visitors should make sure to see the lovely and striking interior of the church, with different colors of inlaid stone, hand-carved screens and much interesting artwork.

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